Thursday, August 29, 2013

Question from the e-mail--writing tip

Deputy Amy Donovan puts her life on the line every day as a law enforcement officer, then she realizes that the danger is coming from within the ranks.

Question: Which is more important to a publisher? To know good grammar? Or to tell a good story?

Answer:  Both are important. You're right that there are two sets of skills needed to be a good writer.

Story telling skills, like structure, plot, character building, narrative drive, pace, etc.

The second thing you need is good technical writing skills, grammar and language arts. 

A good storyteller may get published without the technical writing skills, but in this computer age, where “editors” run spell check and go straight to press, the technical writing skills have become more important than ever.

Here at Write Words Inc., we choose our books by a committee of published authors -- a kind of peer review. They all know how to do both and how to spot it when the skills are missing. They all know that we like to publish books and that ms. that will take too much "editing time" should get a firm, "NO."

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