Thursday, August 8, 2013

Epic Voting is open for the Arianas

Shelley and Arline both worked on this cover that
was entered in the Children's YA division.

Ever since his mother died, David Sinclair, a tenth grader, can’t seem to finish anything he starts. After his alcoholic father gripes about all the money he’s blown on Karate lessons, tennis lessons, and several other things for his son that came to nothing, David decides to try out for the Heather Heights High School football team as a placekicker and builds his own practice goal in the field behind his house.

        Voting is open for the Arianas!!

For any of you who are EPIC members, or who are cover artists who may have entered books, please don't forget to vote.

You MUST log into the website before voting:

We would be thrilled if you would take the time to choose a cover in EACH category, but you do have the option to not vote for any category in which you do not see a winning cover or a category which makes you uncomfortable.

Know that if you change your mind about any category cover, you can log in and update your choices. Each time you submit your vote you should see a small box telling you that your choice has been recorded.

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