Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Books Released March 1

New e-books Released in March:

by Robert Kanehl

It started as a practical joke, but Hannah turned it into the adventure of a life time. Who drew the portrait of the founder of the first law school in America is a question that has haunted historians for 200 years. With the help of a spirit Hannah discovers the truth and even more about herself! While working on a school project, Hannah is lead to the answer by the ghost of Anna a spirit trapped in this world. As a reward, Hannah must try to bring Anna some final rest. Can she do it?

by C.M. Albrecht

When Corky Middleton thinks she may have found her birth mother, she hires a Foster & Hall to investigate. Wow, does she open a can of worms! Instead of finding Corky's mother, the shamuses trip over a corpse, and that's just the humble beginning of an escalating case that climbs to the top of society in this twisted tale. Can Foster & Hall Investigations go back eighteen years to unravel this tangled web of deception and bring a murderer to justice?

by Meghan Roos

Living in a small California town in the mid-1960s, Rebecca Gallagher and Riley Parker are two young playmates, neighbors, and best friends when they first see a mysterious light glowing from a dark grove within their neighborhood. More than a decade later, nearly every other factor in their lives has changed, and it seems the only things that have remained true are their unfaltering trust in each other and the existence of that same hidden light. Now, as one of the nation’s biggest political scandals of the century rushes into front-page newspaper articles and onto television screens across the globe, Rebecca and Riley encounter an unusual man who carries the keys to the past – and to their world’s future. In this whirlwind adventure encompassing two best friends’ race to the truth, Rebecca and Riley discover the shocking power time holds through its influence on history – and how one mistake can threaten to send the lives of an entire civilization into chaos.

By Helen Chappell

Sculptor Jane Constant is artist-in-residence at Green Gardens, an ancient seaside mansion turned artist’s colony. This summer’s crop of eccentrics and other creative types include the handsome actor Gabriel Hardy rehearsing for Hamlet, the stoner musician Dink Sheldrake with an opera to write, the alcoholic abstract impressionist Ted Mitran and Midnight Bunting, a retired madam who wants to spend her summer writing a tell all memoir about her rich and famous clients. Then there’s politically ambitious next door neighbor Barbara Barkley, who wants Green Gardens closed down as a disgrace to the upscale seaside community and a Chief of Police who’s interested in more than Jane’s art. When Midnight Bunting is found dead in Gabriel Hardy’s bed, suspicion falls on everyone, and things look desperate for the continued existence of the beloved old artist’s colony. . .

by Bruce Castle

A couple is brutally murdered in Pittsburgh. Months later, several murders strike Baltimore County. Undoubtedly, these seemingly unrelated killings would have become a cold case if Detective Sergeant Aubrey McKensie of the Maryland State Police had not been assigned the case as she solves unsolvable crimes, not only by her intuitive talents, but by a paranormal ability that has been invaluable in her police work, but a disaster to her social life. Susan Gardner is a clinical psychologist and Sherman Langston is a businessman with political aspirations of becoming president. Both have lovely families and are respected in their fields.

They have not seen each other since graduating high school and neither would have any reason to be suspicious of a stranger entering their lives through murder and deception. During Aubrey’s investigation, fate links her up with Detective Joshua Greenberg from Pittsburgh whom she is highly attracted to. A heartfelt romance develops while these two masterful detectives pursue an oddly behaving killer with a secret past and an equally secretive future. Then, an unexpected turn of events occurs; a grotesque and murderous scheme is launched that Aubrey and Josh are desperate to end without further innocent lives being destroyed.

New Print books with Advance copies out in March:

by Helen Chappell

Holis Ball and Sam Wescott Series, Vol. 4

Watch out for trouble on Maryland’s Eastern Shore when Hollis Ball and her ghostly ex, Sam Wescott are on the case! Hollis’ waterman brother Robbie, desperate to support his growing family through a hard winter, has headed down the Bay to isolated Shellpile Island, where he hopes to make money oystering with island local, Sluggo Fotney, a slick operator with a slippery moral sensibility.

When Sluggo is found dead, Robbie, the outsider, is charged with the crime.

But when Hollis and Sam head to Shellpile to investigate, they find plenty of local suspects to chose from, including Sluggo’s fellow watermen and his three ex-wives.

And behind the Shellpile Islanders’ wall of stony silence, there are bigger secrets than who murdered Sluggo Fotney. Secrets that could land Hollis into deep, dark waters, even with the help of a special guest ghost, a long dead pirate who knows all the island’s secrets.

by Roberta Goodman

Set against the backdrop of a historic snowstorm, Snow Escape is the story of one woman’s innocent foray into the world of online dating turned deadly.

Allegra Maxwell is a 30-year old, single school teacher looking for love. Having chosen to use the Internet to meet the opposite sex, she encounters an articulate, prospective beau on the night the biggest blizzard in history is blanketing the Big Apple. Their pleasant conversation soon turns sinister when she discovers that "Charles" has been stalking her for weeks and claims he lives in her building. With threats of destroying her little by little are made, Allegra must stay one step ahead of the mind games. Turning to neighbors for help, tragic consequences ensue.

When her sanity is questioned, because the online evidence her stalker exists disappears, Allegra must prove he does exist and she isn’t losing her mind. When a power outage thrusts her into darkness, will she be able to overcome the helplessness she feels? Placed in a situation that’s spiraling totally out of her control, while trapped in her apartment building with no escape, will she survive until the authorities can reach her?

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