Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Review Site -- writing tip

I write a review blog for clean romance novels and I had two ideas to discuss with you. First, I am always open to reviewing new clean romance books. If any authors in your group would like to send me a copy, I'd love to do reviews.

Also, I was wondering if you would be interested in becoming a sponsor for my site and driving more business/awareness your way. I sell 125x125 button ad space for $15 a month. I don't have any yet, so you can't see it on my site yet, but you would be labeled as a sponsor and be placed prominently on my sidebar. I have 140 facebook friends as well as over 250 followers right now. I average about 100 pageviews every day. That means you would be paying 1/2 cent for each time someone saw your ad.

Let me know if you're interested in anything I can offer or if you have any questions.

Jennifer Kitchens


  1. Arline,

    As a best-selling author of your pub. company I am struck by a few questions concerning this query, especially because the blogger is advertising line/ad space for sale on her blogspot and she does not state her expertise or professional background as a book reviewer.

    I am not sayng she is not qualified or that her site is not a good git for romance authors.

    However this is the kind of 'review' site I steer clear of. While her daily hits may seem like a lot, they are not, and as to Facebook friends, well.....

    Any author can reach that many prospective readers by offering one of their paperback books in a GoodReads contest. Sign up for GoodReads (it is free) start your own author's page and create a contest for one of your books. It is easy and an excellent way to reach out to readers and develop a rapport and uin time, the ratings and reveiws will come as readers comment on their opinion about your books.

    I'm not on GR often but as with all other social networking sites, readers know they can contact me at my website and that I will answer them.

    and btw, many readers have e-mailed me, asking about Shannon Delaney paranormal mystery series, book 4... which (Yay!) is nearly finished. Heads up, Shelly, I could have "A Ghost At Stallion's Gate" on your desk by end of this summer ;-)
    Elizabeth Eagan-Cox

  2. PS... in par. 2, I meant a "Good Fit"

    there's a reason I do not comment often... letterbox formats do funny things to my "line vision"