Thursday, June 23, 2011

The EPIC AWARDS--writing tip

Are now open for entries. The correct website for entry information is:

A Google inquiry will take you promptly to the wrong site, so finding the entry information can be a bit of a problem, therefore many people who want to enter may find only last year's entry information.

After a many lengthy discussions last fall and a heated election this spring, creation of a "brand-new web site" at a different location and by different web deigners, AND much conversation about whether or not there would even BE a competition this year if enough people didn't volunteer to judge, and so on, now they're surprised that no one is entering.

This is the call that went out this week:

Entries for this year's eBook and Ariana Competitions is pretty dismal. Not
going to go into details, but ya'll need to go out there and beat the bushes

We have no entries for Poetry, Graphic Novels, Mainstream Fiction, Action/Adventure,
Romance Horror, and Romance Spiritual/Metaphysical.

We have VERY low numbers on Childrens, Non-Fiction, Anthology, Short Stories
Erotica, Fiction Historical, Fiction Horror, Fiction Paranormal, Fiction
SciFi, Fiction Spiritual/Metaphysical, Fiction Suspense, Romance Fantasy,
and Romance SciFi.

Send folks to for competition information.

This is OUR competition! Get cracking!! We have less than four weeks to
make a difference.

Now I have been a member of EPIC since 1999, long before I was a publisher, following my then publisher's advice that this was a new and upcoming group as well as the first professional organization for e-book writers.

Over the years, I have been proud to be a member. EPIC has done a number of truly great things for the e-book industry, including drafting a model contract that is favorable to authors (the one our contract is based upon) and giving the first National/International awards for original e-published materials. They have, from the beginning, held national conferences to promote the e-book and have done so successfully, even before most folks knew what an e-book was.

Political disagreements can plague even the best of organizations. Now the dust seems to have settled and the incumbents are rolling up their sleeves, preparing to go to work.

Entries must be published in English and released for sale between June 1 of the previous year through May 31 the current year. They must include a publication date and must be submitted "as the product sells". This includes self- and subsidy-published books.

They usually require the PDF files for entry, which are among the "final files' each of you were provided by Shelley upon completion of your e-books. Entry fees are lower for members, but are not onerous and the competition is open to anyone, member or not.

So, I've done my duty. Volunteered to judge again (for the 10th year in a row) and passed the information along as requested....

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