Friday, March 25, 2011

Catching UP

The BIG BAD news is that Shelley's computer had a major crash and she us unable to work on anything at all at present. A New computer is on order. April books will likely not appear until May, though she'll get them up for sale as soon as she can, and e-book production will be slowed considerably until everything in Hudson gets back to normal.

Also in Migrating all our titles from Mobipocket PERMANENTLY to, they somehow managed to DROP the bundle. All files were absent from sale for several days and no sales took place during that time, so expect a bit of a dip in the k listings when the new sales figures come out.

They recovered 466 titles published by and those are back up for sale, but Shelley estimates that we had listed well over 500 titles. Soooo some titles may still be missing! We have no idea which ones they might be. PLEASE check your name in Amazon's search engine (check all variations of your name, with and without middle initials, alternate spellings, etc. and again by title (I always check Arlene Chase for instance), in case of data-entry problems and so on. Be thorough. Be careful. And be SURE to let us know if any of your titles are missing, so we can reload them on the AMAZON DIGITAL platform. Which we can NOW do ourselves.

If you know authors who don't follow the blog, but are published by us, please pass this information along to them, as well.

There is a silver lining to every cloud and the good news is that we can now do something about missing covers and so on, that have been problematic at and which we were powerless to change before.

No print books went to press this week, but work continues on:


and we are still waiting for word on galleys from TRAVELER

and for a revised corrections list from Lisa Marie Mercer's LOVELAND.

Second galleys went out on Erin Aslin's:


and that will go back to press when she has approved the files.

Two new Bonus Classic e-books were completed this week,



And for everyone who is wondering what I'm doing in my spare time, I've been writing a bit myself. And in less than a week, we will start paying authors again. A time-consuming and involved process, but still my favorite thing to do.

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