Thursday, February 24, 2011

I narrator - writing tip from the e-mail

Question: Arline, you were my teacher and I have read your SECOND FIDDLE, so I know you have a book with two I narrators. As you know from reading some of it, my own book has three "I" narrators. I have tried several agents and a number of publishers and they all assure me that no one will take it with "multiple I narrators." Is this hopeless?

Answer: I wouldn't say hopeless. It will certainly be a more difficult sell, as I mentioned before. It has been done, not only by me, but by such notable authors as Dick Francis. Be sure to identify the viewpoint character below the chapter headings or at any changes. Then try it with smaller publishers who will be more flexible, but may provide fewer promotional opportunities and will not be able to afford advertising. But you will have your book.

In fact Write Words just published VIENNA PRIDE by Terry L. White an excellent book with several "I" narrators.

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