Friday, February 11, 2011

Catching UP

Not much going on this week -- but I'm working on a number of projects that will be about ready in a week or so. It takes about a month to prepare the print files and do all the necessary work before uploading t hem to the printer's site. That's why I still had books going to press all during December, though I kept saying I wasn't working on anything except the year-end bookkeeping.

No books went to press this week.

No galleys went out this week, though work continued on:

TRAVELLER by David Yates

NIGHT ON THE TALBOT by Arline Chase (an e-book)

For those who have asked, Shelley is feeling much better, thanks.

I am doing well, too.


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  1. Happy to hear both of you are doing well. Will keep you all in my prayers. :)!