Friday, October 15, 2010

Glad to hear from you

Glad to hear from those of you who have been missing the blog.

Am still trying to catch up, ressurect the computer's addressbooks, and get everyone paid for this quarter. Some of you will make very little, but we are proud of every one of you, whether you had sales or not, and we believe in the merit of your work.

If you are friendly with any other of our authors who don't read this blog, please urge them to contact me via email and send their current address, just so the information I put into the database I'm rebuilding will be the most up-to-date.

I cannot find John Francis, who lives in the UK and whose e-mail is bouncing. He has never been a big seller, but his short stories are excellent and scary. But he did have a sale this quarter I would like to contact him on line and pay by PayPal, since it will cost more to deliver the check, than what will be in it. If any of you know John, please ask him to contact me.

We know it can be depressing to receive such small amounts in payment. My own author's pay check is one of the low ones and would be laughable if I wrote "for the money." But we remain committed to paying every author, every cent, every quarter.


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