Friday, October 22, 2010

Catching Up

Print Books that went to press this week:

THE REMORA, by Charles Wilson

NO ACCOUNTING FOR TASTE, by Newton Love (second try)

THE ODYSSEY, by Elena Dorothy Bowman (second try)

Well the computer WAS a mess and some things just didn't get through. All is much better now, thanks to the gurus who did all they could to make everything right.

E-books completed this week:
ACTING OUT, by Arline Chase
PETALS OF STARLIGHT, by Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Typesetting work and/or corrections begun this week on:

NEVER A COUGAR, by Ludima Gus Burton

Corrections out, still waiting to hear:


Checks and/or Paypal payments went out on Monday to everyone but Lisa Marie Mercer, whose address I still do not have. If anyone knows her new address on the west coast, PLEASE contact me. I want to get her paid, but the computer gurus lost my addressbook -- both the database AND the e-mail address one.

Again, if you know anyone who is published by us and who hasn't been in contact for some time, please ask them to get back to us with address information.

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