Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Help Barbara Garro Decide!

     BOY is my face RED! Barbara sent me this New Year's Day and I filed it, but didn't post it!
     SHAME on me, Barbara, and many apologies to you. Maybe I had just a tad too much catnip! 
I sure hope you get some responses to your request.

Hello Romance Readers and Happy New Year 2017! 

For my latest book "Love Bites," I am planning to do a Valentine's Day Gift Invitational and Suggestions would be appreciated.  Just e-mail me at Barbara_Garro@yahoo.com

Here are some highlights of what I have so far to pitch my book:
 Benefits for Readers:

1.  Want to know what works in dating and what does not work? Read the 102 poems in "Love Bites."

2.  Imagine being a fly on the wall throughout an entire romantic lifetime in 102 poems with all the boring parts taken out....

3.  Beginning with "Love is all there is here," Barbara Garro spent 33 years chronicling her love life in 102 poems of the most memorable experiences in her latest book "Love Bites," 2016 Cambridge Books ISBN 978-1-61386-390-9 $19.95, available at Smashwords E-Book and on Amazon infor Kindle & in Soft Cover.

Would love to hear which pitch you like or any suggestion for a pitch that is better than all you see here.

Thank you. Thank you very much and have a Happy New Year 2017!

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  1. Jack & Arline, exciting. I will be posting it on Facebook provided the copy and paste works ;o}!