Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Happy Fire Prevention Month

Great Series Books 
For Fire Prevention Month
The Volunteer Series
by Tom Ward, Jr.

In 1983, in war-torn Lebanon, Robert J. Doyle ordered the complete destruction of an unsuspecting village. As he walked through the carnage later, he vowed one day he would somehow pay off the loss of innocent lives.

Later, Doyle decides to become a volunteer firefighter and paramedic. He feels that with each life and property he helps to save; he makes a payment on his debt. For years, as Doyle responds to his community’s calls for help he ignores his own needs. To counteract flashbacks brought on by burnout, Doyle uses alcohol to keep going. Still, the memories of the destruction and dead villagers compels him to respond.

PLUS Three More Action -Packed VOLUNTEER Adventures!
Three Great Firefighting Romances!

By Tonya Ramagos

    Gabrielle McPherson's looking for Mr. Right, but not if he's in a dangerous line of work. Then a firefighter saves her life.... In Book I of the Stockland FD Series, Lance Cavenaugh is drawn to Gabrielle, but he is plagued by demons—memories of a late fiance he couldn't save from a fire, and of the work he did as a volunteer at Ground Zero following 9/11. Now he works in a small-town department, trying to shake off his burn-out, and he's sworn off women for good. Can Gabrielle change his mind? If she does, how will she cope when he faces danger once again in an explosive factory fire?
Stockland Fire Department Series, Vol. 2 
By Tonya Ramagos
       Jordan Dias is the fire chief’s daughter. He sternly forbade her to follow in his footsteps as he believes women have no business working in a “man’s job.” But Jordan has a dream.... In Book II of the Stockland Fire Department Series, Jordan's in for some fiery excitement. When her father retires, Jordan applies to the new chief, Bryce Tracy, for a job. If he hires her, he is sure to allienate his predecessor, who is still around acting as a volunteer. If he doesn’t, Bryce will break her heart. Or maybe his own....

Stockland Fire Department Series, Vol. 3

By Tonya Ramagos

     For Lydia Caney, divorced and with a son to raise on her own, love is just a burning trap. Then she meets a new man and finds herself Playing With Fire.

    If someone had told fire marshall Lydia Caney she would grow up to move to a small town where one couldn’t sneeze without the entire population knowing, she would have laughed in their face. Lydia, a trained smoke-jumper had once lived for risk. And if that person had told her she would become a divorced mother and a care giver to her handicapped younger sister by the age of thirty she would have said they were certifiable.

    Yet that was exactly how her life had turned out. So many plans, so many dreams lost, some due to irresponsible acts, others chalked up to the hand fate had dealt. Now she has a new job as fire marshall and is determined to put dangerous men and dangerous risks behind her. Too late, she realizes, she is playing with fire.

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