Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015

Today is the Winter Solstice, 2015 and also the wedding anniversary of Roger and Arline Chase. The last three lines of the poem of celebration below, refer to this event.

A Change in the Wind...

Winter snows left us weak,
   Then cold spring rain pelted the house
   bringing yet more loss, illness, change
Clear-eyed Davy is swept away,
   Almost before we can take it in,
   he left us standing on a windy beach,
Scattering dust and yellow roses
   while a sunset hid behind black clouds and
   drops of rain fell like tears...

Sid recovers from a dangerous illness, as,
   Combines munch ripened wheat,
   And new crops are sown and
Though injured herself, Kathy works with others
   To prepare a musical memorial, offering games,
   bluegrass music, and shared memories...
We dance, share peanut butter fudge
   And celebrate Dave’s kind heart
   Join  together, to make a love offering

The year turns; bright leaves fall, pets
   grow a new winter’s coat as
   Sid puts up a new roof
Little Angel smiles brighten Roger’s heart as
   The last of the beans come in as
    a shining spirit sheds a beautiful light
Snow falls softly upon a Winter Solstice
   Love remains a blessing within our hearts
   For we know the Creator’s purpose is eternally met...

— Arline Chase,  Winter Solstice, 2015


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  1. So many loved ones are resting on angels' wings. Your poem is as beautiful as it is heartfelt. Many blessings to you and yours, and a very Merry Christmas! Elizabeth, Lucy and Darby.