Wednesday, December 23, 2015

May you all have the merriest of
 Christmases, the happiest of
of New Years!

Jack's News!

  by your bookstore cat, 
and gossip columnist!
I'm doing this early this week, to give Santa plenty of time to come and see me and my baby sister Spunky.  He never forgets us. Last year he brought us catnip and new mousies, though they don't taste OR skate across the floor like our favorite old mousie does...  No wonder we steal it from one another. Terry made him for us and he's lost one eye, but he's still cute.
This is the time I like the best. All the shopping is done. All the gifts are wrapped.  Roger is off to buy the turkey and Arline is trying to finish up a few last minute things.  While we keep wondering WHAT she will do wrong next. 
Oh she acts like nothing is wrong, but everything she sets her hand to is as mixed up as a soup sandwich...  This should  be time to enjoy some pets and treats, not scurry frantically around the house, muttering, "What ELSE have I forgotten?"      
Shelley will be by tomorrow, but not on Christmas Morning this year. We'll sure miss her, as well as Dave. He gave the best ear scratches, but she gives the best hugs. Hope I get one tomorrow. 
Me and Spunky did get  some treats for Friday. People Crackers for dogs! People crackers, not animal crackers. Get it?  Shh! Don't tell Shelley.  I sure hope she likes them. There's a newsboy and a postman, a teacher and a cop.  She can chew up a storm.

Please don't forget to let me know 
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