Friday, February 6, 2015

Catching UP!

Books that Went to Press this Week


    Another in Andy Nunez's popular Eastern Shore Series. This one explores Pirates treasure buried along the Atlantic seaboard, visits to the Delmarva Penninsula by Captain Kidd and Blackbeard, to the Oyster Wars of the 20th Century.
8x10. illus.
NO Galleys that went out, 
or went out again, this week, but...
Work Began or Continued on the following Books 
WANTED: ROYAL PRINCESS OF CONVENIENCE: Royal Hearts of Mondoverde Series, Vol. 2 by Anna Dynnowsky
  The Crown Prince has gone to press and the second son in a series of Five is on the list, though Anna hasn't quite finished the book, she should have it done soon.


LOST SOUL: A Hannah Griswold Mystery Vol. 2, by Robert Kanehl

  We don't have a new cover yet, but Hannah Griswold is back and solving another ghostly mystery.

  THEN CAME HEAVEN,  by Gilda Arruda. 
    A novel of love, loss, and faith. The cover above is only a mock-up. We are still working on it. 

THE BOY WHO COULD STOP TIME: The Ancient Magic Book Series, Vol. 1, by Evelyn Frederick Moll.
   After strange feelings surround Josh Sparkins when he hears an old time adage, he figures out he has the ability to stop time. This exciting ability offers Josh opportunities for adventure, fun, and even revenge. However, when he realizes he ages at an accelerated pace when he stops time, he fears he is heading for his final days. 
 LAINEE DELANEY: BATHING BEAUTIES: Lainey Delaney Series, Vol.2, by Frances Langley
   Lainee Delaney is back, off for the summer and lying about the pool, just taking it easy, then, as you might expect, if you read Langley's  first book...A Mystery Happens!!!

IRIS DESTINY, by Joseph Daniel Carr.
   We are promised a new cover and new edition on this on, but haven't seen the artwork yet.

Earthquake in Messina Italy, in the early 20th Century

STORYBOOK II, by Elena Dorothy Bowman
      Within the pages of this book are stories that my mother once told me; of certain incidences that she remembered. But mostly it is compiled of the memories that were a part of all our lives.
    There were happy times and there were sad times. It was a time of struggle, of prosperity, of joblessness, of wondering where the next paycheck would come from.  Times when a “breadwinner” didn’t have the money to buy a quart of milk, put bread on the table, or a dime to ride the trolley to work. Even a time when the poor didn’t know they were poor. But always, a family that stood together no matter what problems they were facing.  
 BLEEDING HEARTS: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 1
   Winner of the Stonewall Society's 2002 Pride in the Arts Literary Award in the Whodunit Category!

REAP THE WHIRLWIND: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 2,  by Josh Aterovis.
   Suicide, or murder? That's the question in the second Killian Kendall mystery. Will Smith suspects murder when an old childhood pal drowns, and asks his friend Killian for help in solving the mystery.

TRUTH OF YESTERDAY,  by Josh Aterovis

ALL LOST THINGS, by Josh Aterovis

CHANGE  OF WORLDS, by Josh Aterovis

Jack's News!

  by your bookstore cat, 
and gossip columnist!

Hey, Elena Bowman. How are you doing? I heard you were sick and was wondering about STORYBOOK II. Sure hope you are feeling better and that we will get the stuff we need to finish your book soon.
FINALLY! PIRATES has gone to press.  Andy Nunez is setting up a speaking tour, and personal appearances even before he has a copy in his hand. Promotion is the name of the game for him, by golly! Always has been.
He's not only a super writer, but an artist as well. I think he did a great picture of Blackbeard and the others on this cover. Don't you? Arline is sure relieved. Lots of illustrations in this one and she had almost forgotten how to do them.
Roger had a birthday yesterday! He said it was "the big 8-0!" Whatever that means. I'll be nine in June. 
Boy was he grumpy when he got home from the drug store. One prescription was "three hundred smackers." He said it was "highway robbery." I wonder what a smacker is. Maybe some kind of fish? I like fish. 
Anyway keep thinking of me and send me an e-mail if you have any kind of promotions or public appearances going one  and I'll let folks know about it here.

Don't forget to let me know what you are all up to! 
Just send me an e-mail with "News for Jack" in the subject line, and I'll make sure it shows up right here. 


  1. Hi Arline!

    All Karen needs is the number of pages to finish the binder of the cover. I have sent you the editorial comments on Storybook II a month or so ago. Since I didn't hear from you I naturally assumed you received them...did you? If not, please let me know and I'll resend the notes to you again.

  2. I sent you an email yesterday about the cover, hopefully you received it since I am not getting any emails from you. Best,