Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Cosy Winter Read, and answer to a question...

According to the statistics, only 34 percent of murderers are prosecuted and about half of them are convicted. In Volume 2 of the Eva Wyatt mystery series, she is faced with not one but two exceptionally well-organized, clever criminals. As always, Detective-Sergeant Eva Wyatt is trying to beat the odds.

Question from the e-mail:  Found this in a book I'm reading. A book from a NY publisher. Is this correct? I can hear your voice in the back of my head saying, "Virginia, you know better THAN that."

     "He embraced her and held her quietly, than dried her tears."

Answer:  YOU are RIGHT.  Then (another time, either before or later) and Than (something different in a comparison) are often used incorrectly and since spell check won't warn you (both are real words in every dictionary) it is an error that can easily slip past the most professional of editors.

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