Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Holiday Message from Write Words, Inc;

        Seasons of Life

The days turn from cold and dark,
     Linger but a moment, then flee...
Toward spring’s renewal where mockingbirds squabble
   as their nestlings cry to be fed
where baby rabbits are kissed by a curious cat
   As they explore tall, thick grasses.

Another year flies, almost unnoticed.
   Warm summer days slide by in peaceful enchantment
While, concealed in his copse, the hedgehog watches.
   Two cats dream together on a porch swing...
then waken to bat at butterflies, stretch, and lick their paws
   Attending to cat business, as our days hurry toward a golden fall.
Warm friends and family make the colder days
   a shiver of delight. We know moments of endless joy
and gather close, to share heartfelt thanks
   for all those we know and cherish,
We share cinnamon rolls, strawberry pie, and
   Warm conversation, with our Sunday Football...

Our years pass quickly, as if they’re but a moment,
   Then the Winter Solstice arrives and the earth
rights itself upon its axis once more
   We turn toward life, with widened eyes,
While lengthening days bring a dusting of snow, 
   pitted with little cat feet.

Joyful holiday bells ring while laughter peals
   filling the air with the sights and sound of love and joy
We share tradition, good news and warm hugs
   While cats ignore new toys to play with paper and ribbon
Our days move toward the light, and we nod together, 
   peacefully sleeping away our bears.
                               — Arline Chase
                                    Thoughts upon a Winter Solstice, 2014

News from Jack

and Happy Hollidays from all of us!

Sorry, I haven't been keeping you informed. But not to worry. Everything is okay now. At least I think so.

I have to admit it, I was scared. When one of the food persons leaves the house and doesn't come home for three whole days it will give any kitty the tummy-flutters. Roger said Arline was in the hospital, but I knew that coudldn't be right. That's where they take me for my shots and she's had all hers.

She's home now and looking the same, giving out goodies and cat nip, like she always does, but HE still looks worried. Both of them were real sick for awhile. They got something called "fluSHots" that worked overtime. Anyway she wrote her Winter Solstice poem a couple of weeks back and planned to post it on the 21st as usual. But  by then she was gone so she never had a chance.

She writes one every year. I'm in this one again, I think. Sigh! Really, I can't say much for it. To be honest, I don't care much for her poetry. I like a poem to rhyme, myself.  Now, THE CAT IN THE HAT!  Well now, THAT was poetry!

Anyway, she said to tell everyone to have a great Holiday and she will be back to answer your questions as soon as she can.

Meanwhile, they won't let her to anything. The minute she makes a move, Everyone YELLS, "Sit Down, MOM! Let us do that."

So you all celebrate with your family and friends. Enjoy your treats. Pet your pets and snuggle with your loved ones until we can get back to you.

Your friend,



  1. Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy so you can get well. Listen to year kids and have a Merry Christmas!

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  6. Sorry that posted so many times. Posting from phone and I guess I got overzealous with the submit button while waiting for it to transmit.

  7. Had no idea you were ill. Hoping for a speedy recovery and have a great Christmas.

  8. So sorry to hear about this! Give yourself time to get well--and have a great New Year!

  9. Dear Arline! Jim and I stopped getting flu shots several years ago after we had a bad reaction to them. No amount of conjoling will ever get us to do so again. Hope you and Roger get well soon. Wishing you both a wonderful, prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!