Thursday, February 6, 2014

Author Leverages International Publicity

The rainforest’s secret is known to a very few. But each is perfectly placed to profit from it. The secret is lithium— sometimes described as the oil of the 21st century—and the knowledge of it has spawned a crime cabal led by Vietnamese gangster-turned-investor Johnny Ho and including a diverse cast of fellow crooks.

Write Words Author 
Leverages International Publicity

Author Russell Hunter, who lives in Northern Australia, is receiving positive reviews from around the world for his political thriller, SOLID OIL. Reviews in the US, in Fiji, and in the United Kingdom are forthcoming on his book of International intrigue.

You may not be able to read this on screen, but it will print out legibly at page size. And should you be asking why this is such big news, it's because it makes the point:

Write words authors who diligently 
seek reviews can find them anywhere.

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