Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Foreshadowing -- writing tip

Obsession run amok—and one woman’s determination to survive…

Nora Hartmann is struggling to cope with life as a recent widow, a single parent, and a small business owner. The last thing she needs is the unwanted attentions of her neighbor Rudy. As Rudy’s interest deepens into obsession, those close to Nora, including her new lover, begin to suffer – and die. Her continued unequivocal rejection triggers Rudy’s final descent into madness. If he cannot have her, no one will. Can Nora outwit him and save herself and her child? Or will evil win the day…

Question:  A reader told me I need to do more foreshadowing.  What does she mean?

Answer:  The cover above is an excellent illustration of "foreshadowing." In one glance it tells you that strife will follow this glorious occasion.

Foreshadowing is a technique that leads the reader smoothly along, hinting at what is coming next without giving too much away.  Foreshadowing makes future action more believable.  You don't want to give everything away, of course. BUT Properly done, it will increase both tension and suspense in the story.

Now looking at this cover, we know that the  featured marriage will not be "happy ever after" and that both characters will be facing difficulty.  We don't know what the difficulties will be, but  we know there is a story to come.  You don't have to tell it all right there. Foreshadowing is a promise to the reader of more to come.

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