Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching UP!

By Charles Wilson

The Russian military is trying to perfect a secret system that will make their submarines virtually immune to attack, and secure them control of the world's seas. An American working in Russia as a spy for Israel is trying to uncover the secret. In The U.S.A. an unsuspecting family has developed a product that is capable of solving the one problem preventing the Russians from achieving their goal. russian agents, led by the country's top femal operative, Olga Andreyeva, are dispatched to steal the product's formula.


No News is Good News!

And in case you are wondering, I do feel a bit as if I have been swamped by the ocean's depths right at the moment!  Not the best of times to get sick as my husband is quite ill just now. More tests today. Thank God for two wonderful sons.

The good news is, "This too, shall pass."

No new books went to press this week.

Catching UP!

No galleys went out this week.

The TAXES are DONE!!!!

Am working on the payroll. 

Data-Entry is Done!!
Checks should go out by the end of the week!!!

Hang in, everyone. We'll get back to regular business soon!

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