Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Book Advances -- and other changes

The board has decided no longer to pay advances on print books due for publication. The advance we did pay was a negligible amount and created an inordinate amount of bookeeping work as well.

At the time the advance was initiated, eight years ago, any advance amount was a qualification to join the Author's Guild, but now their regulations require an advance of at least $1000, so that is no longer true.

In other news from the board meeting we have instituted a fee for ediitorial changes to e-books after the final files are completed. Proofreading is, and always has been the duty of the author. Once the corrections are handed in and the book files are finalized, it takes 6 to 8 hours of Shelley's time to remake them. That is time she could have spent in working on another book and time for which she has to be compensated. So basically if it's our error, no fees will be assessed, but it it's something the author missed the extra last minute fixing will cost him $25 -- not enough to cover Shelley's time, but enough to make each of us proof carefully, we hope.

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