Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 1st is approaching, and...

The good news is we're selling more books. The bad news is that makes doing payroll a longer and more complicated process.

April 1st is time for quarterly reports and pay checks again. Some will be large, some will be small and a few won't have any sales at all, but all the books have been marketed at many of the larger sites on the web--as many as we can get to.

Each of those sites has to be checked for the numbers of who sold what, the data has to be integrated and compiled, so that each author is paid for every sale they made, no matter where it happened.

This is a complicated process and must be done in the morning when I am fresh, for the last thing I need is to make a mistake. So expect it to take some time away from our regular work. What that means is that if your book is in the process, it will remain in the process, but will likely go on hiatus until the 350-some authors have all been paid what they are owed--a week or two at best.

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