Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Relax, it's the holidays - Writing Tip

When you construct a story, or even an article, don't worry too much about the "writing." There are at least a dozen good ways to say anything.

None are essentially right, or wrong. If you have a good smooth flow of language. If you have a good clear direction in mind and are already thinking things through--If you have all the information, and know what you want to say, I believe you'll find your story or article will "write itself."

The secret to writing is in knowing what is boring. If you've read enough (and lived enough) to know how to pick the most interesting information or turn of events and concentrate on the good stuff, then you are "home free." All you have to do is leave out the boring stuff.

If you write about what interests you and what you would enjoy reading, others will be interested and enjoy it, too.

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