Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Holiday Poem

Each year I write a poem for the Winter Solstice, to celebrate any and all holidays near that date. If I live long enough, I may have a collection. Below is the one for this year.

Love and Joy Come to You

Thoughts Upon the Winter Solstice

So many things bring joy
Softly falling snow
Moonlight breaking through rain
A lilac-scented spring wind

Fulfillment comes to those who wait
Satisfaction in a book read, or written
Exaltation in a favored melody, a task accomplished
Inspiration and hope for each day lived

Yet, there are times filled with troubles large and small
A cat who won’t come down from the roof
A check lost in the mail
A stay in the hospital, a burned pudding

But all in all, life can be good
For those who seek, each day may be filled with wonder
And a quiet joy
Wonder that kindness yet abounds
Joy that fulfillment is still possible

Today may you, too, know exaltation.

___Arline Chase
Winter Solstice 2009

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