Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of Bookstore Cats and other things.

Oct. 15, 2009

Every bookstore should have a cat and at Write Words, Inc.we have three.

Honeybear, 17, tabby in color, a lap-cat by profession, and a Bear by nature will do the claw thing unannounced.

Jack Dempsey, 4, (named for a boxer you young folks won't recall) is blue-gray and has six toes on his front feet--the extra one forms a thumb, so they look like big boxing gloves.

Spunky, 2, is a white kitty with large gray-tabby spots, a star-shaped smudge on her nose, and a ringed tail. It was she who attacked the Dear Hubby's Lazy-boy this morning, sailing up on the top, then hanging off the back by her front feet, before leaving it for dead it its laid-back position.

Am still working on the galleys, but the cats are making more progress toward their aims than I, this morning.


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