Thursday, October 22, 2009

Barnes & Noble question

Someone wrote yesterday to ask me if I'd heard about the new Barnes & Noble e-book store and suggested I get in touch with them because they might be willing to carry our e-books....

For ONCE I was ahead of the game. :D

B&N contacted us in June, 2009 because we distribute to Fictionwise (which they purchased last spring) and we immediately signed their contract to distribute all our ebooks in their store as well. That was all we had to do, because their computer could pick up the books and prices from FW.

The new B&N ebook store opened July 19th, though it was scheduled for a "fall opening" -- I suspect because all the other publishers were as prompt to sign the contract as we were. You will be receiving payment 3 to 6 months after the sale (just the same as Fictionwise) so some of you will be seeing B&N in the "Venue" column on your next statements due in January, 2010.

:D Yep, I'm having trouble wiping the grin from my chin. The more stores we can get your books listed in, the more chance they have to sell.

Now for the bad news :{ Sorry, folks, but this does NOT mean they will be carrying our print books in the B&N stores. Maybe SOMEday, but not yet.

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