Friday, June 23, 2017

Catching UP!

No Books Went to Press this Week:

    ARMY OF THE DEAD, by Ray Morand
    "Twists and turns, chivalry and treachery, sword fights and, goblins and fire-breathing dragons---this book has all the familiar trappings of fantasy, but it also has a very human and engaging woman at its heart. Its cliffhanger ending definitely left me wanting more." ---Nina M. Osier, Eppie winning author of the Regs, The Mad Fisherman's Daughter, Interphase, and the Farthinghome Series.
DARK ELF: Rec Knight Chronicles, Vol.2, by Ray Morand
    The Red Knight Chronicles continue with the tale of Akulina, a dark-elf former princess, who was cursed and cast out by her people for dabbling in black magic. Now, she fights for honor in the troubled kingdoms. Will she adapt when she is assigned to take orders from a new group in the king’s service? 
    How will she deal with her new captain, who is an elf-of-the-light?

Cover Not Set
IS JESUS SERIOUS? by Barbara Garro
Truly, I say you cannot obey God’s will without being in relationship with all three Persons in one God, the Holy Trinity. Each has a specific function in your service life:
1. The Father has a plan for your life
2. The Son, Jesus, the Christ, teaches you the faith and how to live it to gain salvation.
3. The Holy Spirit is your daily Guide for wisdom and Comforter here on earth and resides within you after Christian Baptism.
I struggle daily with feeling uncertain I am where God wants me to be, but Jesus shows me what I need to do to do God’s will, provided I am paying attention, while the Helper, the Holy Spirit, takes my hand and St. Michael has my back.

EASTERN SHORE NOIR, by Members of the Writer's Bloc.
    These stories are told in many styles. Some writers have been drawn back to memories from long forgotten times; the life they once lived, or observations of families and friends.  Explore the emotional connections, at the very core, with keen insights that are not all black and white.
   Understand, that the writers are the rays of light, passing through the darkness, resonating long after the final page  is turned.
M. Rita Tiso
Cover Not Set

       A collection of memoir essays by a famed singer and songwriter, the Eastern Shore's own, Shelley Abbott.

Jack's News!
  by your Official Bookstore Cat,  
and Gossip Columnist.
Hi Folks,

   Heard from Ann Foley, Secretary of the Writers Bloc, and one of my favorite authors.
   Writers Block report that space is being reserved for July 4th at the Adkins Historical and Museum. The event is being held on the shady  Complex campus and promises "good ole’ fashioned fun...the way the 4th used to be." BBQ chicken leads the menu. Anyone interested im  vendiing, contact: Andy Nunez ( ).

   The Sharptown Historical Commission has invited the Bloc to Heritage Day on September 16. Please let Ann Foley know at if you’re interested in setting up for the day. Along with official festivities and parade, a town-wide yard sale runs from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m..

   As for here at home, your old feline pal, Jack, has been a bit under the weather. Roger and Arline took me to the vet and I had no choice about it. I figured the usual routine. Poking and prodding, a needle or two --- but NO! They left me there! First they took my blood in a needle. Then the vet put me in a cage and left me with No Litter! Finally, I just had to. And boy was I embarrassed when they collected it in a bottle. THEN they shaved under my neck and like it always is with vets, there will be Needles! This one had a bag attached and made me have to go a lot, but at least they gave me a litter box. Then it got dark and the vet fed me and went home. Horrible food. too. Wet stuff, out of a Can. Naturally, I didn't eat it. What kind of a cat do they think I am? A cannibal.
   Finally the next day, Roger and Arline came back and got me! I let them know what traitors they were, though. I wouldn't even look at them. 
   The vet talked to them a long time. Something about me being "off  my feed" because of a "UTI" whatever that means -- "But no diabetes!" They seemed to think that was good news. Surprise, surprise, before they let me go, there she came with another needle. 
   After that, it was back in the cage and home again. On the way, they said my baby sister had paced and cried for me all night long. They wanted to pet me when they let me out, but I wouldn't let them. Spunky came and licked my nose and then went right to sleep under the couch. Arline fed me and I ate right up. Finally, something decently edible!
   They kept talking to me about how glad they were to have  me home. Just like I didn't know they were the ones who took me away and LEFT me there! Then I turned my back and stalked away to my private space in the back of the closet. I didn't come out, or let them pet me until supper time! Yes, I still love them, but going to the vet is never good and this time it was just Too Much.  Leaving me all night! It's getting so a cat just can't trust anyone these days. 

    Meanwhile, if any of you, my favorite authors, are going to festivals, or holding book signings, or heard any good gossip, please let me know so I can pass the news along right here to the rest of the world. Just drop an e-mail to:  


"News for Jack" 

 in the subject line, and
I'll make sure it shows up here for all the world to see!

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