Friday, June 2, 2017

Catching UP!

Books went to press this week:
RED YEAR, by Jan Shapin
    China, 1927. Thirty-three-year-old Rayna Prohme, accompanying her left-wing journalist husband, becomes the political confidant and lover of Mikhail Borodin, the Russian commander sent to prop up a failing Chinese revolution. In a bid to continue their love affair, Rayna hatches a plan to accompany Mme. Sun, the widow of the Chinese revolution’s founder, to Moscow. But Moscow doesn’t welcome the women.

    ARMY OF THE DEAD, by Ray Morand
    "Twists and turns, chivalry and treachery, sword fights and, goblins and fire-breathing dragons---this book has all the familiar trappings of fantasy, but it also has a very human and engaging woman at its heart. Its cliffhanger ending definitely left me wanting more." ---Nina M. Osier, Eppie winning author of the Regs, The Mad Fisherman's Daughter, Interphase, and the Farthinghome Series.

EASTERN SHORE NOIR, by Members of the Writer's Bloc.
    These stories are told in many styles. Some writers have been drawn back to memories from long forgotten times; the life they once lived, or observations of families
and friends.  Explore the emotional connections, at the very core, with keen insights that are not all black and white.
   Understand, that the writers are the rays of light, passing 
 through the darkness, resonating long after the final page 
is turned.

M. Rita Tiso
Cover Not Set

       A collection of memoir essays by a famed singer and songwriter, the Eastern Shore's own, Shelley Abbott.

Jack's News!
  by your Official Bookstore Cat,  
and Gossip Columnist.
Hi Folks,
   Haven't heard from anyone with news of personal appearances, book sales, contests to enter or other events. So it's been a slow week for news or gossip to pass along, and lots of time for napping while Arline worked on NOIR. But now she's all caught up and waiting to hear from some of you.... 
ATTENTION All Members of Writers Bloc

If you have already downloaded the ESNoirGalleyI.pdf file from, no need to do it again. It has not changed and will not change until WE have heard from ALL the authors. THEN it will be REPLACED with ESNoirNewGalleyII.pdf

Authors who have done their Galleys:  


Jerry Scortino
Tom Taylor
Norm Smith
A. M. Foley
Gianni Hayes
Bruce Margery Jones
Arline Chase

Authors we need to hear from, 
before any more work can be done:

Shirley A. Gaffney
Beverly Rae Lynch
Kim A. Watson
Aleta Davis
Gwynn G. Harris
M. Rita Tiso
George T. Mason
Jurel Singleton

   Not much going on around the office for we cats this week. We cats have been napping a lot and Arline's had her nose in the computer with the new book she's writing. So I sure hope someone sends me some news for next week. 

                         "News for Jack" 

 in the subject line, and
I'll make sure it shows up here for all the world to see!

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