Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Treasury of LOVE Stories

Love's Sweet
Here are your bookstore cat's recommendations
for some great Love Stories

    This one is about an author (arline will like that), Krysia Barciniak, who has no illusions about love and romance and a happily-ever-after for herself. Or about every seeing her child again. One taste of love six years earlier is more than enough for her. She already has a scarred heart. Thank you very much! Then melancholic Connor Tiernay, the new museum curator, arrives in Harmony Village, with his five-year-old daughter in hand and a proposal of marriage on his lips. And Cupid Cat, Harmony's favorite matchmaker, rubs his paws together!

OR maybe some of you would enjoy a love story with a hint of Mystery...?

    Investigating Paul Martin, estranged husband of a missing Richmond architect, undercover detective Julie Taylor finds murder, mayhem and the love of her life. Why does Paul's mother-in-law insist he's done away with his soon-to-be ex-wife? Is he an innocent victim, framed for someone else's crime? Or is Paul a clever monster in disguise?

Here's one Arline wrote. NO cats, but she didn't know ME
back then.  This one is a historical and a 
Western, no less....

    Broken-hearted, New York debutante Christianna Lawrence flees her home and meets a Blackfoot white captive on Montana's high plains. Saved from a flash flood as a boy, Rowan Cameron was destined to become a shaman. Divided by cultural misunderstandings, the extraordinary lovers surpass contrasting beliefs and join forces against railroad saboteurs--only to unleash the magic and spirit of the Ghost Dance.

And here's one from my first human Mama, Terry L. White. 
It's a historical, too, and set right here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 
where I live. It's a series, too, but each book
can be read as a stand-alone.

    Jewel LeCompte is raised to be a lady, her blindness notwithstanding, but the events of the Civil War introduce her to the harsh reality of the work that goes with running an Eastern Shore plantation. After the war, Jewel marries Carroll Taylor, who takes her home to his own plantation, known as Baron’s Hope. Happy and expecting her first child, Jewel is finally learning to read Braille through the help of a tutor from Baltimore. Unfortunately, Carroll is swept away by a monster tide generated by one of the hurricanes that regularly scour the Atlantic coast. 
    Then Jewel finds she must run not one, but two, plantations. Overseers, Daniel Merryweather and Michael Elliott, learn just how strong the woman really is, as she survives with courage and hope, while searching to find love again, and sustain her life in the "Land of Pleasant Living."

If your girfriend  enjoyes the kind of romantic suspense 
that was written by ladies like Mary Stewart and 
Victoria Holt, back in the day, she would probably like 
Marie Prato's Vietnam era romanitic suspense, too.

    For Theresa the dating scene is bleak as all the best young men are being called up for active duty in Vietnam. She's interested in three, but is warned by a psychic she will love one, marry the wrong one, and be haunted all her life by the third. Soon, all three men are dead and the dark predictions are coming true.

All these great books are available at in paper and also for kindle 
and at Smashwords in lots of other e-book formats, too!

Remember you  heard it from JACK!
A new book is one you haven't read yet.

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