Friday, November 4, 2016

Catching UP!

Books that went to press or Back to Press this week:
WANTED: ROYAL PRINCESS SHOCK AND AWE, by Anna Dynowski, Royal Hearts of Mondoverde Series, Vol. 4
   Prince Maximillian, the playboy prince, is having way too much fun with the ladies, young and old and everything in between, to keep his name clean. Incorrigible, he’s been synonymous with scandalous headlines since he turned sixteen. While his laughing eyes, smooth talk, and charming manner make him the darling female population, the Graziano royal family despairs of him ever settling down. But can he find a woman who will rein in his wild streak and fix his princely image?

GAIA'S DREAM, Poetry by Terry L White. “Reading Terry L. White’s newest collection of poems,
Gaia’s Dream, is rather like having a many-layered, meandering conversation with a good friend. She can be casual as she meditates, questions, daydreams, or projects herself into history, but she never forgets the kind of world we live in, the difficulties and disappointments of life — her own and others — and even when she is evoking old memories, she is firmly grounded in the present…”
— Caroline Trippe is a painter and writer. Her own illustrated books, published by Blurb, include Persephone, Crown of Leaves: Three Tales from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Cupid and Psyche. Allerleirauh, and The Rapunzel Room.

Galleys that Went out, are still out, or Went out Again this week:
NOODLES, by Elan Mufti 
    An Indonesian army general's son, who recently graduated high school, continues his education at a college in San Francisco. The 19-year-old was a boy headed for trouble. His father hoped that the responsibility and overseas life experience would change his son's attitude. In fact the culture shock does make him change, but not in the way his father hoped for...

THE LAST CHRONICLER by Judy Johns Heathcoe
While tunneling through a mountain in the Russian Southern Urals, a team of engineers are trapped in a deep, large, cavern containing a living rain forest. Looking for a way out, they discover a hermitage that once was home to a historical society who called themselves chroniclers, whose members were able to travel in time to view a famous person or event in order to record history correctly.
In the hermitage library, among the many chronicles, they are privileged to view the lives of Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, and Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia, and his family.  But hiding out and watching their every move are the remaining chroniclers who are determined to keep their existence a secret, even to the point of murdering any that discover it. The engineers find themselves running for their lives through the seemingly endless forest, wondering whether they would face death at the hands of the dangerous and adamant chroniclers. . .or the primeval creatures of the forest.

 Jack's News!
  by your Official Bookstore Cat, 
and Gossip Columnist.

Hi Folks,

I didn't get any mail this week, but I'm asking you all to send some. If you know any Write Words authors please pass the word about about the shutdown... and ask them to let Arline know what they want to do.

Arline says I'm still the bookstore cat, even though the bookstore site is coming down pretty soon. It was scheduled to come down already, but was still there this morning when I looked... So if you are wondering why it still says October, that's because it was supposed to close on Nov. 1...

Well, well, WELL! A deep subject; 456 feet deep to be precise. The Well Company trucks have all gone away and Spunky has stopped hiding under the pickup.

Roger has spent almost all week fiddling with the plumbing fixtures, and trying to clear all the black sand out of the pipes, but he thinks everything is working okay now...

"A good flow" the well  man said.

But to be honest, the water sure tastes funny! I hear it's "mountain spring water" that somehow travels underneath Chesapeake Bay to get to where we are...

And the worst thing is, Roger bought me a new water bowl...clear glass, instead of the nice brown ceramic bowl I had. And -- it just smells Wrong! I could see clear through it. The thing looked plain empty. I had to put my foot right into it to make sure anything was in there at all. Aaaaand I got wet all the way to  my knee.

Them I had to suck and lick the water off my foot. That worked pretty well for awhile, because I REAALLLYYYY  can't tell how full it is and have stuck my nose eyes-deep into it more than once.

I have to tell you, this is going to take some getting used to.

PLEASE don't YOU forget to send me news of any personal appearances, signings and so on... so I'll have some gossip to pass on next week. 

Just send an e-mail to with 
 "News for Jack" 
 in the subject line, and
I'll make sure it shows up here for all the world to see!

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