Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanks from the Kids at Jermez Pueblo

Roger is playing, but I'm not singing yet.
I wanted to tell you,
we got the nicest message from 
Write Words Author Jim Kincaid this morning.  
He and his lovely wife, Nita, are shelving 
the books we sent to the Kids at Jemez Pueblo.

The government built them a great new library (after assuming they'd have books from their Old Library), but they have No Books, so Arline sent two boxes mostly books at 5th grade level as we do very few books for little kids here. They were publisher's copies, of course. So they hadn't been much used, just looked over and shelved. She sent mostly adventure stories and some science fiction.

Here's a picture of Jim :

Jim and his wife, Nita, are visiting at the school. Here's what Jim wrote:

Nita and I were shelving your wonderful collection of books today when some
kids came in and wanted to know where they came from...

"An author and a publisher."

"What's a publisher?"

"She prints books, makes books."

"You mean she writes books AND makes books?"




"Wow... And she sent all these books to us?"

Jim told us earlier how much the kids love to read, so we're real glad they will enjoy them.

As your bookstore cat, let me say how happy all of us were to hear they finally got there. It took us awhile to get them all together and then Roger had to take them to the PO, because neither Arline, nor I, do any heavy lifting. Roger really is good to us....

We do urge you, if you have any new, or gently used, books that kids K thru 8th grade might enjoy, please consider sending them along to the school.  Here's the address:

San Diego Riverside 
Charter School
c/o Melissa Yepa
504 Mission Road
Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024
I wanted her to send my copy of Puss N Boots, but she said it was "too ratty." I do have to admit to a few claw marks and some bites on the cover...have to say it's much-loved.

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