Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A story about Lies and a Personal Essay Writing Tip

by Elena Dorothy Bowman

A woman portrays herself as a the creator of a popular TV series and promises to help three other women get started in the business. This is a story of how the three women related to the TV series and it's lead character, The Imposter. Not only were they taken in by her story, but by the woman herself. She took them on a wild ride, one they would not soon forget.

Question from a Write Words Author:  You have often said anyone  of us could write a piece for your blog to help promote our books. I wonder if you have any advice on how to do that.

Answer:  I love to get guest blogs from my authors. You can write about your book or any subject you like. Apples or aardvarks thry Zeus or zoology. Anything (except maybe politics or religion). Your book, your characters, or why you like to write. About 500 words in length.  

Usually the format should be the same one you'd use for any personal essay.

Write a Personal Essay

The lead: Make a statement about something
The price of baloney is_____. (and write a couple of paragraphs about what it is now and how it used to be 10 cents a pound, and was still expensive in a time when the average man’s salary was $1 a day.

The body: Give examples and tell anecdotes
People used to say they were spreading baloney when people stretched the truth all the time.  (And give some examples of people who have told lies, some amusing, some serious. Girls who’ve lied, or to whom guys lie, politicians and how many lies they tell, the way government cuts medicare, and SSI, but buys $800 toilet seats)

Make your point: 
Lots of people will hand you baloney.

The conclusion: Use the lead to confirm your point and make the piece come full circle
Think about the baloney people slice for you every day. Even when people give it away for nothing, baloney can be very expensive. 

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