Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Ribaldry tends to disguise a harsh existence. In 1056 England, there are no humane set of laws, no benign constitution, no protection for the masses (or the mighty) except might makes right and the practiced sleight of hand. The narration is Rabelaisian with overtones, always, of the darkness of life when the drinking ends, the money runs out and payment is due.

Question from the e-mail bag:  When should someone market Holiday themed short stories?

Answer: That depends on the market and the story.

If you have a Christmas -themed book, then your best acceptance time is in early spring, as it takes close to 9 months to have the book out and the Internet promotion, advance reviews, and sales campaign should begin in August or Sept. so it will be happening while the Christmas Shopping season is on.

If you have a Christmas-themed short story, that you want to market to monthly magazines, start sending it out in June or July.  For weekly magazines, start in August or September. 

Time frames are the same length of time, no matter what  holiday you choose.

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