Thursday, September 19, 2013

Computer Guru's Tip

Deadlocked by a legend, Kellach must find her kidnapped mother to remove the Dark Druid's curse and save her people from the rampaging Norse. 

Computer Guru's Tip

Still working on getting all the files back, but the Guru came up with a great tip on how to avoid future viruses!

He said that Your computer's Administrator MUST BE ACTIVE in order for the Virus.exe file to be installed.

The best thing you can do is set Admininstrator as a separate User ID from you and your Personal files.  Then create a User ID in your own name and move all your information and files to that User.

Seems I had mine set as Administrator and that's all and was the cause of my many Problems. Shelley did, too, and she caught the FBI Virus last week, a sneaky bit of larceny that demands that you send someone $300 via Paypal and (They Promise!) your computer will be restored, which of course it won't.

The Guru Says, "The Administrator must be up and running to Install any virus, which if won't be, if you are set up as a separate user. Only one user runs at a time. So a virus can come in, but it won't install...

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