Friday, December 23, 2011

Catching UP!

The best of Holidays to all of you. This will be our last post until after Christmas.

Books that went to press or went to press again this week:


Galleys that went out, or went out again this week:

FIRST WALTZ by Terry L. White

SNOW ESCAPE by Roberta Goodman

THE WRITE HONOR, by Anna Dynowski

For those waiting to hear from the Book committee, they are celebrating and will not be getting any files from the beginning of last week, until after the holiday. So please be patient if you haven't heard anything. None of you have been forgotten and you will all get answers as soon as I can.

Hope you are all ready. Roger is out delivering gifts. I am making ugly cookies this afternoon -- my sons' favorites. Everything else is done.

I will not be doing any work next week except to get the rest of the bookeeping finished. Just need some time off....

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