Thursday, August 25, 2011

Promotion Redux -- writing tip

Book Promotion Question

Even though it's been mentioned here several times, I'm still getting e-mails from new writers wanting to know how to promote their e-books.

The Following are my best suggestions:

Authors who do promotion sell better. Promotion is something we can't afford to do, as we are a small company without an advertising budget. Free promotional opportunities abound for authors who don't mind working for it.

1. Authors can join Group forums at sites like Yahoo and Google. Pick Groups with LARGE memberships who are interested in your subject. Don't just pop in and say "HI, I'm new, I have a book, Buy it!" But set aside time once a week to skim your groups, reply to any messages of good news with a congratulations message, and put your book information in the signature. Don't just join author's groups, either, but readers' groups and any kind of group interested in your subject. If your book features a bowling detective, hit BOWLING groups. Always be positive, do NOT get involved or take sides in any squabbles on the list.

2. Use social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In to set up profiles about yourself and mention your book, with links to purchase sites. Update those messages whenever there is news about the book. Whenever you start a new book, etc.

3. Google "Internet Radio" and your book's subject together, for a list of Internet Radio Stations, LISTEN to some of the shows, then contact that show's moderator, listed on the web site (giving positive feedback on something you have heard), and offer to be a guest on talk radio. They call you on the phone and you can talk about the subject and mention your book. Once the show is on line, it STAYS on line forever. People searching the subject, find the program AND your book.

4. FAX or e-mail press releases to your local paper, TV, and local Radio stations, and all nearby media outlets and those wherever your book is set, and to organizations that might be interested in the subject with contact information and saying you are available as a guest speaker (keep this local as most of them will not kick in for travel expenses). Local organizations like the Rotary, book Reading Groups, your library and Homemakers Clubs, are always looking for lunch speakers. Your yellow pages or public library will tell you what organizations are near you. Every computer has e-mail and a built-in fax function, learn to use it if you don't have a fax.

5. If you can afford it, hire a publicist to arrange an Internet tour where you can be a guest on other people's blogs and so on.

6. Start a blog of your own, if you have time to keep it up. POST often and link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

7. Once the book shows up on there, set up your free author's page at

8. Get the book reviewed as often as you can. If people tell you they have read it, ask them please to post a review on where ANYone can post a review. Save the reviews as they will be useful advertising to put into the print edition.

9. Read my book, HOW TO PROMOTE, MARKET, AND ADVERTISE YOUR PUBLISHED BOOK. Read Nikki Leigh's (who arranges on line guest tours, etc.) two books on BOOK PROMOTION 101 and BOOK PROMOTION 201.

10. Tell your mother, brother, co-workers, and all the biggest gossips you know.

And for those who asked--YES, we did have an EARTHQUAKE!

I was sitting in my rocker and when it began to rock, I assumed my cat, Jack (see photo above), was sharpening his claws on the back as he frequently does "rock my world."

At that same moment, my husband began to yell, "Stop it, Jack!" That's when it dawned on me that Jack could not be in two places at once.

Jack, who was playing with his ribbon, gave us both a weird look.

STRANGE. The world kept right on rocking!

It was the first earthquake I ever felt. And right here on the Eastern Shore, too! The center was between Richmond, VA and Washingyton, DC.

No local damages here, though Shelley's house shook more than mine and I understand the Washington Monument in DC has a crack or two.

Isn't it a beautiful day?

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