Friday, July 9, 2010

Narrative - Writing tip

They always tell us in the beginning to write in scenes and "show don't tell" and narration is "telling." But you can't show everything in the space allowed. So my advice is to narrate the mundane, or the action in scenes that space doesn't allow. Basically your story scenes should be like shining jewels and the narration like the silver wire that strings them together. Most writing texts don't get into how to do narration and it was years before I figured it out. I think in this story, if you foreshadow well and narrate carefully, you can keep it down to two or three scenes, which is about all that will fit comfortably in a 2,500 word short story, unless some are very short. Beware of that solution, as too many very short scenes can make a story feel "choppy" to the reader.

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