Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where do you get your ideas? - writing tip

I keep a file of story ideas on hand. I stuff in every idea I can find. There are times when I feel more creative and times when I think I’ll never have another idea in my life. When I’m feeling creative, I develop characters and with the end in mind, start writing an (adjustable) scene list. Once my scene list is complete, I file it again. I try to keep a couple of these on hand. When I finish a story, I let it “rest” while I go and stuff in some more ideas, read through my folder, then choose another story to finish. When that one is complete, I go back to the first and complete the final editing process, develop a market list and send it out -- always keeping in mind the next place to go if it is "returned." Then I develop another outline or two, write a third, and go back to final edit the second. This way I have three stories “in the works” all the time. I’ve found finishing the second story will give me enough distance from the first that I’m not “in love” with it anymore and I can edit with more objectivity.

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