Thursday, April 22, 2010

Barnes & Noble's Book Nook

We signed a deal with Barnes & Noble to make our books available through their library lending service in the "EBOOK NOOK" feature of their stores. This means someone can pay a smaller fee and "borrow" a book that's downloaded to their laptop or e-reader in the store and will be available to them for only two weeks, and automatically erased thereafter. IF they read the book in that time they get it at the reduced "Lending library" rate in which we share.

Word is staff at the store will do the downloads for customers and are familiar with all the different formats and readers, etc. We also hear that the "Nooks" are not doing much business yet, but that is expected to grow with the expanded use of e-readers like Kindle, Sony's new one, and the iPad.

If they don't finish the book and want it again, they must purchase a permanent download.

YEs, this means that all your e-books will be available for download at brick and mortar B&N stores.



  1. Arline, thanks for all your hard work! B&N Book Nook is exciting stuff.

  2. Thanks, Arline! Now for the print edition on B&N! Thanks again for all you do for us.