Friday, July 21, 2017

Catching UP!

No Books Went to Press this Week

    ARMY OF THE DEAD, by Ray Morand
   "Twists and turns, chivalry and treachery, sword fights and, goblins and fire-breathing dragons---this book has all the familiar trappings of fantasy, but it also has a very human and engaging woman at its heart. Its cliffhanger ending definitely left me wanting more." ---Nina M. Osier, Eppie winning author of the Regs, The Mad Fisherman's Daughter, Interphase, and the Farthinghome Series.

DELICATE DAMES, by Barbara Grengs, author of the Toby Martin  YA Series
   In her first mystery for adults, Barbara Grengs explores a crime tale that is brought to the attention of several venerable beauties.

DARK ELF: Rec Knight Chronicles, Vol.2, by Ray Morand
    The Red Knight Chronicles continue with the tale of Akulina, a dark-elf former princess, who was cursed and cast out by her people for dabbling in black magic. Now, she fights for honor in the troubled kingdoms. Will she adapt when she is assigned to take orders from a new group in the king’s service? 
    How will she deal with her new captain, who is an elf-of-the-light?

IS JESUS SERIOUS? by Barbara Garro
Truly, I say you cannot obey God’s will without being in relationship with all three Persons in one God, the Holy Trinity. Each has a specific function in your service life:
1. The Father has a plan for your life
2. The Son, Jesus, the Christ, teaches you the faith and how to live it to gain salvation.
3. The Holy Spirit is your daily Guide for wisdom and Comforter here on earth and resides within you after Christian Baptism.
I struggle daily with feeling uncertain I am where God wants me to be, but Jesus shows me what I need to do to do God’s will, provided I am paying attention, while the Helper, the Holy Spirit, takes my hand and St. Michael has my back.

Cover not set
THE FLYER: Legacy Series, Vol. 4 by Elena Dorothy Bowman
    Finally! The last volume in the ever-popular Legacy Series a time-travel saga that is every bit as intriguing as Outlander.

Cover Not Set

       A collection of memoir essays by a famed singer and songwriter, the Eastern Shore's own, Shelley Abbott.

Jack's News!
  by your Official Bookstore Cat,  
and Gossip Columnist.
Hi Folks,

   Heard from Tom Taylor, who is Chairman of the Writers Bloc Anthology Book Committee. He has a copy of the Printed book galley and sent the following message:

Thanks Arline.

got it

it is looking good so far.

will read it through and let you know soon.



Guess he thinks I didn't work on it at all. Seriously, Tom, if it wasn't for me, reminding her where her real work lies, all she'd ever do is lie around and READ all day.

Also got a comment on last week's blog, from C.M. Albrecht. He Wrote:

Thanks for posting my comments. This morning I had another assignment: how pets help keep seniors healthier and happier and get more exercise as well. How can you be grouchy when you have a loving pet nestling up to you?**

   ** Trust me, Carl, Arline can do it!  Ifyou want to talk Grumpy, well, when I tried to get up and get my treats at 5:30 this morning, she said I had to WAIT. Me? Her loving pet who had been nesting peacefully until I noticed the birds were singing...

PLUS when I Gently Patted her on the Cheek to remind her that I was WAITING, she bopped me with the sofa pillow she had been resting her book on! I might, MIGHT understand it, if she had been asleep, but she should at least love Me, her devoted and  health-giving pet, more than Eileen Dryer!

    Meanwhile, if any of you, my favorite authors, are going to festivals, or holding book signings, or heard any good gossip, please let me know so I can pass the news along right here to the rest of the world. Just drop an e-mail to:  


"News for Jack" 

 in the subject line, and
I'll make sure it shows up here  
for all the world to see!

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