Friday, May 12, 2017

Catching UP!

No books went to press this week:

Galleys that Went Out This Week:
             Chasing Nightmares, deliberately embracing terrors, isn’t what you and I are likely to do.  But you and I are not the four central characters in this novel, pretty typical college kids who sense that their lives are so predictable they hardly seem present in them.  They are determined not to succumb to the commonplace scripts set out for them, pathways that are so comfortable they might as well be padded, MUSAK softly playing.
      So, they set out from Los Angeles, trying hard to find the perilous.  They try hard to make themselves unprepared, open, desperate to vivify their minds and senses.  They make it only as far as Lake Tahoe and the nearby Donner Pass, where they do succeed in attracting horrors, certainly not the ones they had, despite themselves, anticipated. 
            But the nightmares they wrap round themselves also contain a good deal more than shivers, and the calls on their resolve demand more than simple courage (or foolhardy consistency).  Without knowing how it happened, they are drawn into a different strangeness, asking for and yet reluctant to receive something very much like love.
WINTER SONG: Poetry by Bobi Sinha-Morey
   This time Bobbi Sinha-Morey gives us a potpourri. Cookie-cutter poems of mysterious women and her rarely seen neighbor; poems of strangeness and those that come from deep down in her soul. The stuff of life. Poems of beauty and love poetry. Poignant human dramas and the dark side of life. Ones that grow from her sensitive nature. Grim thoughts that paint the dawn. Often haunting, often prophetic. Her expressive thoughts so impassioned, so delicately heard. It's a world like the eclipse of the sun; you want to see it before the sky draws to a close.

Work Began or continued on the following books:
ARMY OF THE DEAD by Ray Morand
   "Twists and turns, chivalry and treachery, sword fights and, goblins and fire-breathing dragons---this book has all the familiar trappings of fantasy, but it also has a very human and engaging woman at its heart. Its cliffhanger ending definitely left me wanting more." ---Nina M. Osier, Eppie winning author of the Regs, The Mad Fisherman's Daughter, Interphase, and the Farthinghome Series.
RED YEAR by Jan Shapin
   China, 1927. Thirty-three-year-old Rayna Prohme, accompanying her left-wing journalist husband, becomes the political confidant and lover of Mikhail Borodin, the Russian commander sent to prop up a failing Chinese revolution. In a bid to continue their love affair, Rayna hatches a plan to accompany Mme. Sun, the widow of the Chinese revolution’s founder, to Moscow. But Moscow doesn’t welcome the women.

EASTERN SHORE NOIR, by Members of the Writer's Bloc.
These stories are told in many styles. Some writers 
have been drawn back to memories from long forgotten 
times; the life they once lived, or observations of families
and friends. 
Explore the emotional connections, at the very core, 
with keen insights that are not all black and white.
   Understand, that the writers are the rays of light, passing 
through the darkness, resonating long after the final page 
is turned.
M. Rita Tiso

Jack's News!
  by your Official Bookstore Cat,  
and Gossip Columnist.

Hi Folks,
  FINAL CALL for correction to Eastern Shore Noir

 Just e-mail

if you haven;t done so already.

I Have not heard from the following


   And  I am wondering if some of the e-mail addresses on our list are incorrect. The one for Beverly Rae Lynch is old and from when she lived in MD. Wouldn't it have changed when she moved to VA?
Do you ANY OF YOU have CURRENT E-MAILs,  OR phone numbers for the authors listed below? If so, please let them know we are ALL waiting on their Response to Galleys.





And did anyone proof Harry McCoy's works? Arline has, of course, but we all know she's not dependable... 

It's been an interesting week around here.  Arline worked on NOIR quite a bit, although she can't send corrected galleys until she hear's from EVERYONE!  She didn't get anything done on her new book, though. Too bad the Challenge is over. I happen to know she will be working on it over the weekend, though.

Spunky's hair  is growing in where the mockingbirds got her. They didn't get me, though. :D
Please be sure to let me know what is going on with you. Just sendan e-mail to
and put:
 "News for Jack" 
 in the subject line, and
I'll make sure it shows up here for all the world to see!


  1. C. M. Albrecht is currently proofing the print copy of "The Little Mornings". The good news is that so far, he hasn't found one typo or other boo-boo. He's also getting much bolder in his dotage. His son recently found a like-new white ten-gallon (well, maybe 2 gallon) Western Hat and I'm going to wear it out today. Damn the funny looks. Full speed ahead!

  2. When they see that hat, they will know you are SOMEbody!