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Catching UP!

   Write Words, Inc. opened its web site on Jan 1, 2000, with Arline Chase and E. Sandra List as publishers. There were five of us and that first year we published 12 books and learned a lot. Our last editor, Shelley Rodgerson Chase resigned on Jan. 1, 2014.  In 2013 we published 48 titles in both paper and e-book formats. Since then we have been working alone. Last year, we published 52 books, but the work is just too much for one person to do efficiently. 
    Sales have fallen, too, to the point where revenue will no longer meet expenses., Cambridge Books, and will be “downsizing” almost immediately. 
    Therefore, No New Contracts for publication will be signed after Sept. 30, 2016. 

    All current contracts will be honored for the full term covered in the contract. The “automatic renewal after the initial two year term, unless cancelled by either party,” clause is rescinded and will no longer be in effect.

    All current two year contracts will be honored for the full two years, unless the author chooses an earlier cancellation date.  All titles under contract will remain on sale at, and many other Internet Book Stores for the entire two-year term covered by the contract.

   Any authors who wish an early cancellation date will have their requests honored. ON CANCELLATION ANY AND ALL RIGHTS REVERT TO THE AUTHOR.

On the advice of our accountant, the following changes in operation will take place:
  *      The / Cambridge Books / web sites will close on or before       January 1, 2017.

2*       All books currently under contract will remain on sale for the full two years from their         publication date.

3*       Active Cambridge Books Authors, who are past the original two-year designation, will still be able  to purchase personal copies of their paper books until Dec. 10th, 2016 or later.

4*       Payment by Credit Card to Write Words, Inc. will cease on or before Jan 1, 2017, although              payment through Paypal, and by check will continue.

5*       Author’s Royalties for active titles will be paid once per year starting on January 1, 2017.

Questions? E-mail:
Books that went to Press this week.
    GAIA'S DREAM, by Terry L. White“Reading Terry L. White’s newest collection of poems, Gaia’s Dream, is rather like having a many-layered, meandering conversation with a good friend. She can be casual as she meditates, questions, daydreams, or projects herself into history, but she never forgets the kind of world we live in, the difficulties and disappointments of life — her own and others — and even when she is evoking oldmemories, she is firmly grounded in the present…”
    — Caroline Trippe is a painter and writer. Her own illustrated books, published by Blurb, include Persephone,
Crown of Leaves: Three Tales from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Cupid and Psyche. Allerleirauh, and The Rapunzel Room. 

by Jennifer Kirsch
Galleys that went out or went out again this week:
Fourteen-year-old Luke dreams of spending July at    Camp Unlimited, where campers explore cave networks,
set off fireworks in pyrotech workshops, and sleep in
tree house hammocks. But to get into the camp, Luke
needs to demonstrate excellence in a sport, the arts, or
   More likely, he’ll end up at SURF, his town’s rec camp,
where athlete’s foot, mildew, and warts plague the gym,
bedbugs and lice infest the couches, and clumps of hair
make frequent appearances in the burgers.

LOVE BITES, by Barbara Garro.
   Now in her eighth decade, Barbara Garro, at the early
death of her mom, became powerfully propelled into
poetry. Poem after poem, flows through her as she
shares the spirit of a lifetime in innermost love
thoughts, fears and dreams. Love Bites is Garro’s debut
poetry collection, first in a Series.

Work began or Continued on the following:
NOODLES, by Evanita Mufti 
    An Indonesian army general's son, who recently graduated high school, continues his education at a college in San Francisco. The 19-year-old was a boy headed for trouble. His father hoped that the responsibility and overseas life experience would change his son's attitude. In fact the culture shock does make him change, but not in the way his father hoped for...

THE LAST CHRONICLER by Judy Johns Heathcoe
While tunneling through a mountain in the Russian Southern Urals, a team of engineers are trapped in a deep, large, cavern containing a living rain forest. Looking for a way out, they discover a hermitage that once was home to a historical society who called themselves chroniclers, whose members were able to travel in time to view a famous person or event in order to record history correctly.
In the hermitage library, among the many chronicles, they are privileged to view the lives of Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, and Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia, and his family.  But hiding out and watching their every move are the remaining chroniclers who are determined to keep their existence a secret, even to the point of murdering any that discover it. The engineers find themselves running for their lives through the seemingly endless forest, wondering whether they would face death at the hands of the dangerous and adamant chroniclers. . .or the primeval creatures of the forest.

 Jack's News!
  by your Official Bookstore Cat, 
and Gossip Columnist.

Heard from author Lynette Hall  Hampton, who will be at the event below with other North Carolina Authors:

   The Writer's Bloc is set to meet tomorrow, Saturday September 16th, in Wicomico County Public Library, Room 3, from 1-3. Come early if you like, as we should be out on time.

   As for here in the bookstore this week, Arline is depressed, but I do understand after what the accountant said. He wanted her to just shut down right away, but she argued that she was going to honor the contracts she has signed. 

   But Roger is being Totally Unreasonable!  I just Hate when he gets like this. He has been mad at me ever since Monday, just because I snuck out Sunday night. I am a TOM cat after all, and though I don't like hunting much, there are other reasons for a fellow to sneak out overnight.

   Yes, I get that he is concerned. There are copperheads behind the shed. I know they're dangerous, that's why I Never Go Back There. Even if I were a Hunter, I'd know better than that!

   He keeps telling me that there is absolutely NO reason for me to want to visit lady cats. (SShhhh! Don't tell my girlfriend Lucy. She has my heart, but I Googled Kentucky and it's just too far to walk.) I keep trying to explain that "Guys Have Needs" to Roger.  Just because a fellow is "shooting with blanks" doesn't mean he's not a participant, only that there won't be future complications. 

   Anyway, I've been a bit miffed at him ever since he took me to the vet last week.  THREE shots(!) AND they put me on a diet again! I keep telling him I'm not FAT. There are fat cats, I'll admit. But there are also cats who are built like bears. And while we may look a bit husky, we are NOT FAT! Think about it. Bears may LOOK fat, but just try one's patience and you'll soon see how much muscle is right there under his hide!

   PLEASE don't YOU forget to send me news of any personal appearances, signings and so on... so I'll have some gossip to pass on next week.
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