Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Ghost Fest Day!

If you like Ghost Stories, try One of These
by Robert Kanehl

A Hannah Griswold Mystery, Vol. 3

   Walking in a cemetery can be peaceful and reflective, as long as you don’t hear voices. Hannah Griswold, however, does hear voices. Why are they calling to her? Why can’t she have a normal teenage life?

by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox
Shannon Delaney Paranormal Mystery Series, Vol. 5

    Halloween night, 2012. Mount Esperanza Memorial Park, San Diego. Shannon Delaney and Alex Blackthorne accept assignment to guard the grave of Andalyn Dixon, who died on her twenty-first birthday, October 31st, 1892, before she could prove her innocence in one of San Diego’s most notorious bank scandals, October Hoax of 1891. Legend says, Andalyn was scared to death, by a ghost.

Eastern Shore Series, Vol. 3
by Andy Nunez
    A 2005 Gallup poll indicated 32% of Americans believed in Ghosts. Television shows and movies with ghosts are on the increase, but what about the Eastern Shore? Lifelong resident Andy Nunez takes you along as he visits the gloomy mansions and overgrown graveyards of the Delmarva Peninsula in his third book on the Eastern Shore. Encounter spirits good and bad, seen and unseen, from Queen’s Anne’s County in Maryland all the way to Northhampton County, Virginia, in the South. From Cambridge, on the Choptank, to Dagsboro, Delaware, the ghost stories are there. Loaded with photos and original artwork.
by Helen Chappell
   Newspaper reporter Hollis Ball is shocked to find herself shedding a tear when she learns her ex-husband, Sam Wescott, was killed in a boating accident. She is even more shocked when Sam's ghost shows up, asking her to find out who murdered him. LiFE Award from Literature for the Environment.

By Arline Chase

    Broken hearted, New York debutante Christianna Lawrence flees her home and meets a Blackfoot white captive on Montana's high plains. Saved from a flash flood as a boy, Rowan Cameron was destined to become a shaman. Divided by cultural misunderstandings, the extraordinary lovers surpass contrasting beliefs and join forces against railroad saboteurs--only to unleash the magic and spirit of the Ghost Dancer. Epic Award Finalist.

by H. Addington Bruce
    A collection of ghostly tales from history, as well as accounts of ghost hunting by such famous psychic investigators as Conan Doyle and Swedenborg.

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