Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barnes & Noble Sales Statistics MIA -- Heads UP

As most of you know, I am collecting sales statistics from the various sites, getting ready to make your quarterly payment for October 2011.

At present we are having technical problems with Barnes & Noble's NOOK site and I'd like to say they have been working very hard to fix things for us. We discovered in August that 78 titles of our 577 title inventory, were missing from the B&N site, including parts of several series. Thanks to everyone who let me know about the missing titles.

Originally, when B&N bought Fictionwise.com, their plan was to pick up content from FW automatically listing everything there available for NOOK. This was not happening for us, as most of the newer titles had not been "picked up" automatically, or otherwise. They were showing on FW, but not on Nook. Somehow they had gotten lost in cyberspace.

I spent a couple of days compiling the "missing" list for B&N and we made a different arrangement for uploading our files directly to Nook, bypassing their original "getting picked up from FW" arrangement. Now we will upload the Nook titles ourselves and have complete conytrol of what goes up there. We will still upload to FW as a sales market, just not depend on them to redistribute to B&N.

The changed account required a change in payment arrangements and basically a whole new registration and payment set up. That went very well so far. Checks from B&N have been arriving regularly and ON TIME every month without missing a beat. All the missing titles are NOW listed for sale on NOOK -- the exception being those published within the last two months as we cannot post to update the new list until AFTER all our present inventory appears.

Now comes the COMPLICATED part. No sales statistics information shows in the old account, because it is now cancelled and all the data in the process of being moved over to the new sales platform. No sales statistics yet show in the new account, as it is not yet "officially open" and is not yet listing our titles, even though they are all for sale now. The move is still In Process. Yes, this is October. Yes, I did say August... But at least the formerly missing titles are now for sale for Nook. And we are being paid PROMPTLY for sales, whatever they are.

The good news is they are selling books for us and making payment for them. The bad news is the sales statistics to show which of your titles have sold and which of you we need to pay are TEMPORARILY unavailable to us. WE WILL, EVENTUALLY, receive ALL the sales data, once the new account is complete.

Now there's no question they have the data, as they would not be paying if they didn't know we had sold books. So the information is there. SOMEWHERE.

We asked for help last week on this issue, and were told that we would receive the data on Monday.That didn't happen, and we have, as yet, no further information. If we do not receive the data by Friday, we will go ahead and pay everyone, without the B&N sales included and will pay your 3rd Quarter B&N sales in January, along with the 4th quarter royalties due then.

That's the best we can do, as it would be unfair to everyone wait for all their money.

Any questions?

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