Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catching UP

The checks are in the mail and Everyone is PAID every cent once more. Thank goodness. Now I can go back to work preparing paper books for release.

I received a notification this week from Barnes & Noble (whose checks had been even more miniscule than normal over the last three months) that they had failed to report on some sales last quarter. You were all paid for what was reported as of the first week in January. Reported sales that were added after that (and they ARE being added) as a result of an unexpected upsurge in sales processing that overloaded the B&N computer order system, will be paid to you in the next quarter's checks.

I have downloaded the updates and so far (it's caught up now to the second week in Jan) have found only three or four authors who will have additional sales for the last quarter and those have only one or two titles each. Yes, that's all the difference there is, but it was nice of them to let us know so we can catch up and make sure all of you are paid correctly. We are, after all, a pretty small fish, in the cyber-ocean, but we do pride ourselves in making sure that authors are given their due.

It's good to know that holiday season sales for NOOK resulted in such an up-rush of business on their site that the sales force was hard-pressed to keep up with delivery of books and had to let reporting sales wait for a post-holiday slowdown, however.

Things are almost completely caught back up and I do trust Barnes & Noble will report the differences accurately, as I will, adding in the missing sales to your April checks.

As a result of my being occupied elsewhere,

No books went to press this week.

No galleys went out this week.

There is no real editorial progress to report for this week

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