Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paper Books -- Cost More and bring in Less.

Everyone likes a book you can hold in your hand, and many consider e-books non-starters. BUT authors make MORE MONEY on e-book sales sold from our web site.

It's true the industry is moving slower than was anticipated, because of the lack of a universal format and the prices of reading devices. But with the advent of the new B&N device and of Kindle, that is rapidly changing.

At least three new "Will take over the market and be the Universal format we've all been looking for" new formats have been released since I started in this business in 2001 and still the format that can be read by most different devices is the "universal" format that was available in 2001, PDF.

One thing most authors don't realize is that, because of printing and delivery costs, we can only offer 15% royalties on paper books sold (the same as mass market publishers do), while authors receive 40% of the list price for e-books sold from our web site. In most cases, that's $2.60 for an e-book and $ 2.54 for a paper copy.

E-books sell for less and earn the author more. Imagine that.

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